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1. The World Health Organization has taken plenty of tests and confidently declared Salinas de Torrevieja and local microclimate as one of the healthiest in Europe.
2. There are bacteria which are3.5 billion years old. It is a kind of halobacteria Halobacterium, which, frankly speaking, is not the bacteria at all, it is an archaea halophytic. Thanks to this archaea halophytic the lake gets its pink and red shades.
3. What else is turning this lakes pink? This does not happen without the help of Dunaliella. Dunaliella is a well-known - Dunaliella Salina - a special kind of algae, which is very rich in natural substances.
4. Dunaliella salina is quite edible, no worse than eating a carrot or dill.
5. Dunaliella Salina is actually green in color. When it finds itself in a too high a concentration of salt, it immediately starts to work tirelessly, helping to make this lake one of the most valuable in the world! It produces b-carotene (provitamin A), glycerol and the fatty acids.
6. Salina de Torrevieja is one of the largest salt lakes in Europe
7. Thanks to this lake, Torrevieja is the second largest exporter of salt 
8. The salt extraction process does not harm nature and the environment, it happens due to the process of salt evaporation
9. Where could you float on the surface of the water without even trying?  The Dead Sea but also Salinas de Torrevieja 
10. Scientific evidence shows that lakes bring huge benefits for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the skin and lungs.
11. The color of Pink Lake is not always pink. The time of day and the seasons affect the color of Salinas de Torrevieja. Of course,  its colour varies from pale pink to purple-crimson.
12. The Lakes of Torrevieja have a healing microclimate and tremendous health benefits, and they also appear to be a free natural air conditioner. The lakes help to accumulate the heat, so it is usually 5 degrees warmer in Torrevieja than in nearby cities such as Alicante and Cartagena. 

Torrevieja Pink Lake
Torrevieja Pink Lake
Torrevieja Pink Lake
Torrevieja Pink Lake

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