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 Pilar de Horadada

Pilar de Horadada is the furthest most town in the south of the Costa Blanca or alterntively the north most twon on the Costa Calida, Murcia. Geographically it lies in Alicante Province. Generally a quiet coastal town it springs to life from time to time throughout the year with various fiestas. 

The entire population of Pilar de la Horadada turns out for the celebrations. Tradition and popular fervor are felt on the streets, whether for a religious party, such as Easter or traditional events such as carnivals.

In the Pilgrimage of San Isidro, the pilareños are mobilized, either on foot, on horseback or by carriage, to follow his Holy on the path, through  the fields, which runs along several kilometers from the parish church Praes to The Glen.

During Holy Week several processions follow one another, showing the great devotion of the pilareños and magnificent carvings sculptors like Sanchez Lozano, restorer of the work of Salzillo. Processions such as the Encounter or Silence, pn the shoulders of the bearers, bringing together large audiences observing the steps and dances from their seats.
Torre de la Horadada the holidays are celebrated in honor of Our Lady of the Assumption. It is a sailor Celebration, which highlights the Rosary of the Aurora and the marine procession in which he climbs up to the employer in a decked boat, which honors the rest ships with petals and flowers.

You can not say that Pilar de la Horadada is not known for people without having lived the festival. La Virgen del Pilar is worshiped with offerings and parades in which the people in general shows their devotion. As an epilogue a theme parade of floats and costumes is held.This parade of floats has been declared a Festival of Local Tourist Interest in 2011. The colorful party  transmits joy as locals and visitors alike enjoy and celebrate. During the fortnight  sports tournaments, competitions, games and activities for adults and children, the firecrackers and fireworks, parties in the Rocks, processions, musical or theatrical performances occur.


Calendar of festivals and events

A Pilar Flores
Apparition of the Virgin
Cavalcade of the Magi
Celebration of San Antonio Abad 
A Pilar Flores
Chess Open 

A Pilar Flores
Gastronomical Days "Flavours of Lent"
Memorial Paddle "José Martínez"
Medieval marke 
A Pilar Flores
ITF Junior Tennis Open Grade 2
Fair Trade, Industry and Services FCIS
A Pilar Flores
Sevillanas Fair
Pilgrimage of San Isidro
Road cap and cocktail
A Pilar Flores
Road cycling tour "Know your people ... pedaled"
San Juan's bonfires
Theatre Week
Corpus Christi: Flower Carpet
Market Marinero
Swimming across "Puerto de la Torre"
Swimming across "Mar del Pilar"
Hall Trophy Regatta Pilar de la Horadada
Memorial Beach Handball
A Pilar de Flores Torre de la Horadada
A Mil Palmeras Pilar Flores
Day 30: Celebration anniversary of the creation of the municipality
  A Pilar de la Horadada of FloresTorre
A Mil Palmeras Pilar Flores
Popular festivals in Mil Palmeras, Las Villas, El Mojon and Pinar de Campoverde
Landing Rock Music Festival
The Sea Offers
Open Golf
Festivities Virgin Our Lady of the Assumption..:
Day 14: Offering flowers
Day 15: Rosary of the Aurora, maritime procession and Solemn Procession
 A Pilar Flores
Pilgrimage Ntra. Mrs. Santa Maria del Rosario
National Dog Show and International
 Festivities Ntra. Mrs. Virgen del Pilar
Day 9: Day of Valencia
Day 11: Offering of flowers to the Virgen del Pilar
Day 12: Festival of Our Lady the Virgen del Pilar..
Parade floats (Declared Festival of Local Tourist Interest)
A Pilar Flores
Ornithological contest
Milla Urbana
Cycling Trophy
Laces meeting to Bolillos
 A Pilar Flores
Gastronomic days "Still de la Peña"
motero lunch
Conference on Falconry
Provincial Fair Perdiz Claim
A Pilar Flores
Partnerships Fair
Christmas holidays

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