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Whats On Costa Blanca 365 - Making things easy for hundreds of thousands of expats and visitors so you can get on and enjoy what you came here for! Enjoy life in Spain.

We wanted to produce something that was new and fresh for all the people who live on the Costa Blanca, Spain. our Whats On Costa Blanca website proved to be so popular and we wanted to make it simple for everyone to take part and find what they were looking for - easily and quickly. Anything and everything to do with living the life on the Costa Blanca and Spain. Everyone loves it here whether visiting or living as an expat. It is simply a better way of life, sunshine, seas, mountains, eating out for a fraction of the cost back home and plenty of entertainment.


We became frustrated as both as business people and residents  that there was not a 'go to' site that provided quick easy information and allowed us to search quickly and easily for anything. It was all rather hit and miss where the local gestoria's were or even the best one. What if I needed a locksmith in a hurry? And what about those living in the UK or elsewhere planning a trip to the Costa Blanca - how could you find out whats going on?


So Whats On Costa Blanca 365 was born. We really hope you enjoy using our site - please feel free to drop us a line if you think of something we havn't. 


Thanks for reading,

the Whats On Costa Blanca 365 Team

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Costa Blanca

The place to be for sun sea and healthy living



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340 average days of sunshine per year




So much to do, places to go, people to meet




Barbecue, by day or night  on sea or sand



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